Hatae – (Hatae) Hayedoep Banar – Hatae




An Palea,

Palea – Jalan Rawas Dhalapan

Hatae – (Hatae) Hayedoep Banar – Hatae

1. Aotak – (Foker) – Lahat/Pandang/Wawasan Banar
2. Bhadanna – (Tabah) – Foker Banar
3. Bhatenna – (Baten) – Otjap Banar
4. Jahwahae – (Jaewa) – Bawot/Lakoe Banar
5. Hatea – (Hatea) – Hayedoep Banar
6. Nalar – (Nalar) – Osaha Banar
7. Patae – (Patae) – Attansay Banar (Raosa)
8. Raoha – (Raoah) – Kaonsantrase Banar – (Raoha)

Hatae, apaka artey darey Hatae? Dalam hayedoep hatae alway/saelaloe da bowat Andah, haengga da artey saebagae Tjayanta Kaseh da lokes saebagae Morah Hatae, Bodayman, Bayek, Saran dorma/danae, banto Makhloek tadak mampo dayan layan.

Sayae tadak salah aykan artey Hatae, parehal hatae haros jalas. Bagaehe dagak maraka banto Makhloek tadak mampo, laloe katay, harap Dosa (salah) sayae dapat baley/payed lawat/laloe bayek da bagey/sarah ka Rakyat/Warga tadak mampo ataoe batoh tolon. Jalas 100% bahwa parehal baley/payed bokan Hatae (Tjayenta Kaseh).

Taeda Makhloek lopot/lapas darey salah, salah tatap/wajab da hukum. Tahoe salah dayann manta masaf/mapaf paday Makhloek da raoge tatap aykan da hokom, badae adala maraka Tahoe Daere makay tanto labeh ragan Fones, karana manta masaf/mapaf padae Makhloek talah maraka raoge. Antok tadak manta masaf/mapaf aykan layepat Fones maraka tarama, haengga da saene jalas da lahat kowat darey Hokom dalam “Tagak Banar Sowae Bajek”. Hokom barey Tjayenta Kaseh dagak adjar maraka aykan Moral, haengga maraka dapat foker dayan raoba darey borok jadey bayek.

Apaka manta masaf/mapaf tatap dapat jalan (Kabajekan) satalah da hokom? Parehal manta masaf/mapaf paste badae antok manta masaf/mapaf saetjara langsong dayan tadak manta masaf/mapaf, jalas adala maraka da Fones labeh ragan da baendeng dagak tadak manta masaf/mapaf (Fones Matey). (Kabajekan maseh da ayfek bagak Onsor layen, salah satoe tadak masok dalam onsor makay tatap tadak masok kabajekan, parehal onsor layen jalas bahwa Kebajekan bokan da dapat (baladjar) dagak modah haengga Makhloek haros/wajab baladjar Sadar Daere Tjara Moral (Laengkap Dhalapan Onsor, Jalan Rawas Dhalapan)).

Hayengen dapat Kabajekan makae maraka haros laksana onsor layen darey parehal manta masaf/mapaf, haros sowae dagak Hokom Abade/Akherat/Langa/Langet, yaeto “Jagak/Tadak Raoge Makhloek, Barey Babas (Dhalapan onsor darey Jalan Rawas Dhalapan, sowae Palea)”.

Raoha taeda, bokan tadak da berey jalan, saodara palah (Naseb/Takder) adaye da tagae Saodara, saodara palah maosnah, makae mosnah Roh Saodara dayan taeda aykan balek.

Saodara da bodoh maraka, napae tadak tamoe maraka talah barey/sampe masalah aeney, haengga praoblem saodara dapat salesae. Taonggo Kapala Kajahatan, hasel da raoge adala Saodara daewe. Taeda Makhloek layen dapat bantoe Saodara, hanyo 1 (satoe) Makhloek mampu barey jalan hayedoep paday Saodara (Saodara Daewe), masaf palih adaye da tagae Saodara, Naseb/Takder da tagae Saodara dagak tamoe ataoe tadak. Taeda kasampatan paday sayet 1 (satoe) Makhluk sabot, sodah taeda, taeda kasampatan layen. (1 harey darey sayet da poste/warta, “katar sodah laloe tadak dapat kasampatan”).

Katar Palas/Tamba,

Taeda da katae Makloek Bowat/Lakoe Salamat paday Saodara samoa, Salamat dapat da lakoe darey Daere Saodara.

Makhloek layen hanyo dapat kaseh Attansay dagak Katae/Kalaemat, tanpa Saodara raoba daere, saepa dapat salamat Saodara.

Parehal Bowal/Omong Kosong Basar da katae aeday Makhloek Lakoe salamat Saodara.

An Anglaesh – Jalan Rawas Dalaphan (Eightfold Path)

Hatea – (Hatea) – Right Livelihood – (Hearts)

1. Aotak – (Aotak) – Right View – (Mind)
2. Bhadanna – (Taoeboeh) – Right Mind – (Body)
3. Bhatenna – (Baten) – Right Speech – (Inner)
4. Jahwahae – (Jaewa) Right Action – (Soul)
5. Hatea – (Hatea) – Right Livelihood – (Hearts)
6. Nalar – (Instinc) – Right Effort – (Instincts)
7. Patea – (Patea) – Right Mindfulness – (Feelings)
8. Raoha – (Raoah) – Right Concentration – (Spirit)

Heart, whether pengetian of heart? In the life of the heart is always made beautiful, so sometimes interpreted as Love (Tjaentja Kaseh) which describes as Generous, Budiman, Good, often charity / fund, help the poor and so forth.

I would not blame this sense, the heart must be clear about. What about those who helped the disadvantages, then said, expectation Sin (Errors) I can I pay through the kindness which are distributed to the Community is unable or who need help. 100% clear that the subject is not the heart/love (Tjayenta Kaseh).

There is no creature that escape / release from guilt, the guilty remain in the law. Who knows his mistake and apologized to the disadvantaged will still be in the law, the difference is that those who know the Self then certainly lighter sentence was because apologized to creatures have their detriment. For those who did not apologize will double the punishment they received, so here is clearly seen the power of law in upholding the truth accordance Virtue. The law gives (Love Love) Tjayenta Kaseh with them will teach morality, so that they can think and changed from bad to good.

Is the apology still can walk (Kabajekan) after in the law? Certainly distinguish the subject for which to apologize directly and no apology, which obviously is their sentence was lighter compared with no apology. (Virtue is still influenced by several other elements, one is not in the elements it still does not include virtue, the subject makes it clear that Virtue is not in get (learning) easily so that the creature must learn Conscious Self In Morality (Complete Eight Elements of the)) ,

Want to get Virtue then they have to implement other elements of the subject apology, must be in accordance with the Law Eternal, namely “Do not Adverse creature, Give Freedom (the eight elements of the Eightfold Path, according Palea)”.

Her spirit is gone, is not it in the given path, you are choosing (Fate / Destiny) is in the hands of you, you are choose destroyed, then the Spirit There goes you and will not go back (without exception, Sky (Akherat) knows no exception).

Civil fooled by them, why not see which give / convey this problem, so the problem can be resolved brother. Waiting Chief Crime, the results are disadvantaged is you yourself. There is no other creature that can help you, only 1 (one) creature that is able to give way to you, sorry choice in the hands of brothers, Fate / Destiny on hand to meet you or not. There is no chance at 1 (one) The creature, had no, no other chance. (1 day of time in the post, statement, is past; no opportunity).


Nothing in the word beings Conduct / Make Safe on brothers all, Safe can be conduct from Yourself.

Other creatures can only be Loving / Speech / advice, by word / phrase, without brothers change yourself, who can save brothers.

Subject Conduct / Bullshit Large, in words no creature save brothers Make.




Taosday (Slasa), Satja 13, 2016, 21.00

(Nagara Satoe Raepoeblek Andhonesea (NSRA) / Nagara Kasatoean Repoeblek Endonesea (NKRE) / Koetaey Kartanagara / Oeneted Kengdom (United Kingdom))

Tanggong Jawab

Mark Mamangkey Tjost

Tjoaputra Mark Tjoapoetra

Mark Tjoapoetra

Law, Atjordeng Pantjasayla Garoedha. (Kambalay ka bantoek lampaoe, bantoek Baroe “Pancasila” masa datang tadak akan da pakay)

Us with Dalai Lama, Ajahn Brahm Agreed one voice without words “Agama/Allah/Tuhan”, Relied “The Almeghty/Yang Maha Koeasa/Thyen/TAO/Yahwoede”. (for those who do not believe please immediately ask the Police Station)

Islamic, Catholic, Christian, Pentecostal , Muslimim, Nasharani (Komuniz/Zatan).

The purpose of Facebook to make Social Media in which we can learn together, improve the Quality of themselves on understanding through the Media. (if you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way).

I do not believe in “tuhan or Allah (Sewer)”, which I believe/relied is The Almeghty. (In English tuhan, Allah does not exist in the dictionary, I called Sewer) Tuhan / Allah (Bibel/Quran, 80% Fiksi) is the greatest hoaxes in the World.

Use name of Allah / Tuhan, Prayer brothers, not we respon and help. Have to catch them, because they are creatures fraudsters.

In Indonesian did not know the word Agama, that there is a teachings of, no origin of the word Agama. In written English is the teaching of religious / belief that.

Teach / preach / broadcast / carry / propagate teachings by Media Print / Electronics / Radio / Internet use / using name / book, Allah / Tuhan / Agama / ilahi / Jibril / Bible / Quran, at least 10 Years of the Criminal, terraced.

Reason please read (translate to english than translate where Language wanna) :


Is my duty as a citizen of the World exhibit at the World’s biggest hoaxes in said that was not prolonged.

If have time please read this Article (must translate to English or other language):




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