Soo Shame for Super Power (5)

Vladimir Putin delivers annual Presidential Address to Federal Assembly

‘The Gloves Are Coming Off’ – Mercouris on Putin’s State of Nation Address

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Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation address was a keynote address that will be discussed for days to come, Alexander Mercouris told Sputnik.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation address was an important moment that will be discussed for days to come, commentator and legal expert Alexander Mercouris told Sputnik.

​”Whatever friendship, or lingering friendship there may once have been between the two leaderships has now definitely gone,” said Mercouris.

“I think this is going to be a keynote address, it’s going to be digested and thought about by a lot of people, both inside Russia and outside, reflecting the fact that this is a very important point in both Russian and world politics and history, and what Putin says does attract attention, and will continue to do so for some time.”

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Greeting Prosperous,
By discussing the problem in smooth (use case is different, in the language of the State Parties) really embarrassing.
None dared to open the real issues that are full of dirtiness in itself (especially Super Power).
Greeting Prosperous,
The world today is full of hypocrisy, especially in those who do not want to check out the dough and lay out to the public.
Hope for the reader, watch, through TV, Electronic and Internet and examining it carefully. (Media news made many changes that are not comparable, support Crime).
Evidence regarding the financial area too should be examined openly, including an account that served as the President, Senators and the apparatuses. (Especially those who love the Super Power of war) and many personal accounts under false names.
Mark Mamangkey Tjost
Law, According Pancasila.
The purpose of Facebook to make Social Media in which we can learn together, improve the Quality of themselves on understanding through the Media. (if you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way).
I do not believe in tuhan or Allah, which I believe/relied is The Almighty. (In English tuhan, Allah does not exist in the dictionary, I called Sewer) Tuhan / Allah (Bibel/Quran, 80% Fiksi) is the greatest hoaxes in the World.
In Indonesian did not know the word Agama, that there is a teachings of, no origin of the word Agama. In written English is the teaching of religious / belief that.
Teach / preach / broadcast / carry / propagate teachings by Media Print / Electronics / Radio / Internet use / using name / book, Allah / Tuhan / Agama / ilahi / Jibril / Bible / Quran, at least 10 Years of the Criminal, terraced.
Reason please read (translate to english than translate where Language wanna) :
Is my duty as a citizen of the World exhibit at the World’s biggest hoaxes in said that was not prolonged.
If have time please read this Article (must translate to English or other language):

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