Busted! China Uncovers $64 Billion ‘Underground Bank’


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Chinese authorities have unearthed an illegal banking operation which dealt with billions of dollars of foreign-exchange transactions.

As part of a crackdown on corruption, China has uncovered the largest “underground bank” in the country. Over 370 individuals involved in the scheme have been arrested, according to the People’s Daily, for handling 400 billion yuan ($64 billion) in illegal foreign-exchange transactions.

According to the state-run Xinhua News Agency, investigators spent more than a year monitoring over 1.3 million transactions and froze more than 3,000 suspicious accounts.

The Chinese government limits the amount of money citizens can convert into foreign currency each year to $50,000 worth of yuan. By taking advantage of a loophole, individuals were able to work around the government’s limitation by breaking large sums into small transactions which were sent overseas.

One suspect, identified as Zhao Mouyi, established over 10 phony companies in Hong Kong, and then used those companies to transfer over 100 billion yuan abroad.

“Zhao circumvented the capital controls by directly transferring yuan overseas and then exchanged the money into foreign currencies at banks including HSBC Holding Plc in Hong Kong,” Bloomberg wrote. “Zhao then allegedly transferred it to his clients’ accounts.”

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority declined to comment on the case, but told Bloomberg that city banks have “stepped up their internal control to report suspicious transactions.”

“The government wants to stem outflows and stabilize the yuan’s exchange rate, but the outflows cannot be stopped unless people change their expectation on yuan depreciation,” Xi Junyang, a finance professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, told Bloomberg.

Other methods of getting around the government’s $50,000 limit are less sophisticated, but no less problematic for authorities. Some have used credit cards to purchase merchandise abroad, and then returned that merchandise for cash.

As Chinese authorities move forward with the investigation, Hou Wei, a banking analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. in Hong Kong tells Bloomberg that the government is “determined and very serious” about preserving its exchange rate.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/asia/20151120/1030486230/china-underground-bank.html#ixzz3s4d3BOrX

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Comment :
Greeting Prosperous,

Not for Islam (Komuniz), For Muslim (Muslim is Good).

Peace begins with Work of the Government should be with the system,
“Pancasila” the Basic / guidelines / Order of Life as World Citizens by road,

1. Clean
Clean means to clean from all defilement on Government

2. Honest
Honest in their daily lives on the Government. (Truth, Law, Love, Virtue).

3. Open
Open to all questions and give the right answer in relating to the Government.

4. Responsible Answers
Are responsible for all the behavior, actions, words in live the life of the Government.

5. Transparent.
Transparent to the Government without any closure / hide.

By regarding these things can clearly see / find the cause and the Head of the Crime.

Organized crime and terrorism is a crime should not directly allege that they (Syria) are doing.

The subject would need evidence, real evidence in plain sight on Money Laundering in Government “United Stated, England, Prenacis, Russia, China and The Unitary State of The Republic of Indonesia (Indonesia Region) have not been opened in general.

These problems not only in the laundering of money, gold, diamonds and through weapons and combat equipment. Naturally paraded on international terrorist involving Local Government and Regional another.

Let us unite all world citizens hold accountable those on Government concerning:
– Print (Make) Money,
– Flow Exit entry account
– Revenues and Expenditures Government openness

I (Mark Mamangkey Tjost) guarantee in some time (1 month) will all look who the mastermind of the terrorists across the world and in command by whom.

In Indonesiaan,

Salam Sejahtera,

Bukan untuk Islam (Komuniz), Untuk Muslim, (Muslim jauh lebih baik).

Perdamaian dimulai dengan cara Kerja dari Pemerintah yang harus dengan sistim,
” Pancasila ” yang menjadi Dasar/Pedoman/Tatanan Kehidupan sebagai Warga Dunia dengan jalan,

1. Bersih
Bersih artinya bersih dari segala kekotoran pada Pemerintahan

2. Jujur
Jujur dalam kehidupan sehari hari pada Pemerintahan. (Kebenaran, Hukum, Cinta Kasih, Kebajikan).

3. Terbuka
Terbuka akan segala sesuatu pertanyaan dan memberikan jawaban yang tepat dalam berhubungan pada Pemerintahan.

4. Bertanggung-Jawab
Bertanggung-jawab akan segala tingkah laku, perbuatan, perkataan yang di jalani dalam kehidupan pada Pemerintahan.

5. Transparan.
Transparan pada Pemerintahan tanpa ada ketertutupan/menyembunyikan.

Dengan perihal tersebut segala sesuatu dapat jelas di lihat/cari penyebab dan Kepala dari Kejahatan.

Kejahatan teroris merupakan Kejahatan terorganisir dan tidak seharusnya langsung menuduh bahwa mereka (Suriah) yang melakukan.

Perihal tersebut tentu perlu Bukti, Bukti nyata di depan mata mengenai Pencucian Uang pada Pemerintahan ” United Stated, England, Prenacis, Russia, China dan NKRI (Wilayah Indonesia) belum di buka secara umum.

Permasalah tersebut bukan hanya pada pencucian uang, emas, berlian dan melalui senjata maupun peralatan tempur. Tentu mengarak pada Teroris international yang melibatkan Pemerintahan Setempat maupun Wilayah lain.

Mari semua warga Dunia kita bersatu meminta pertanggung jawaban mereka pada Pemerintahan mengenai :
– Pencetakan Uang,
– Arus Keluar masuk rekening
– Pendapatan dan Pengeluaran Pemerintahan yang terbuka

Saya (Mark Mamangkey Tjost) jamin dalam beberapa waktu (1 Bulan) semua akan terlihat siapa dalang dari Teroris di seluruh Dunia dan di Komando oleh siapa.
Mark Mamangkey Tjost


The purpose of Facebook to make Social Media in which we can learn together, improve the Quality of themselves on understanding through the Media. (if you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way).

I do not believe in tuhan or Allah, which I believe/relied is The Almighty. (In English tuhan, Allah does not exist in the dictionary) Tuhan / Allah (Bibel/Quran) is the greatest hoaxes in the World.

In Indonesian did not know the word Agama, that there is a teachings of, no origin of the word Agama. In written English is the teaching of religious / belief that.

Reason please read (translate to english than translate where Language wanna) :


Is my duty as a citizen of the World exhibit at the World’s biggest hoaxes in said that was not prolonged.


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Suatu perbuatan yang menguntungkan makhluk lain dan diri sendiri maka perbanyak lakukanlah. Suatu perbuatan yang merugikan makhluk lain dan menguntungkan diri sendiri jangan dilakukan. Suatu perbuatan yang merugikan makhluk lain dan diri sendiri maka hindarilah dan jangan dilakukan. Fav : Bernapaslah dengan Cinta, Bernapaslah dengan Kasih, Bernapaslah dengan Kejujuran. Berjalanlah dengan Kebenaran, Berjalanlah dengan Kedamaian, Berjalanlah dengan Kesetiaan. Berusahalah dengan Giat, Berusahalah yang Terbaik, Berusahalah setiap Waktu. Harapan Semua Makhluk Bahagia, Harapan Semua Makhluk Sejahtera, Harapan Semua Makhluk Terlepas dari Penderitaan Dan Sukses Selalu dalam Kebajikan. Pada Tiap Kehidupan : Lakukanlah yang terbaik untuk kebaikan dalam kebenaran apapun yang terjadi pada diri sendiri. Tetap fokus pada Kebajikan sehingga menciptakan Kedamaian, Kebahagian dan Kesejahteraan bagi semua Makhluk.

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